Frequently Aked Questions

Which sandwich is the best?

Whichever one I have the most prep for an/or make the best margin on.  Seriously, they're all good, it just depends on what you're in the mood for. 

Why did that joker get his order before me, I ordered first!

Because you suck, and I hate you.  Yes you personally.


Actually, the sandwiches take differing amounts of time to make, with the pulled pork sandwiches generally being the quickest, and the vegan sandwiches taking the longest, and orders with a lot of modifications take even longer.  Also, glaring at the guy cooking has been statistically proven to make the food take longer, it's science.

What's with the weird names?

Mostly just me having fun giving things names that will make me laugh when I see them on the tickets, but the other reason is that people can get really particular about certain sandwiches and what a "real" version is, so I side-stepped that drama by giving everything my own names. 

Can I make substitutions?

Sure, I'm not going to be thrilled if you try to order a wholly original sandwich created from pieces of my menu (that's my job), but you're generally free to mix and match when ordering.

Why can't I get a gluten free Anton LaVey?

Seitan, AKA wheat meat, is literally pure gluten, and for good measure, we bread it with more gluten.  This is also why the Dixie Mafia and the Soy Cowboy can't be ordered gluten free either, as both my chicken and my tofu are breaded (unbreaded chicken or tofu wouldn't fry up right in the deep fryer).  Currently, I can do gluten free OR vegan, but not both, that might change in the future.

Do you have a kids menu?

Yes, it's not very big, but I do have one, just ask at the front counter.