A Little Bit About Us

The Food

Brass Knuckle Bistro is a scratch kitchen (seriously, we make everything but the bread in house) specializing in sandwiches and related fare.  We cure and smoke our own bacon, ham, and pastrami, pickle our own vegetables, make all of our sauces and dressings from scratch, it’s a lot of work, but worth it to offer a truly superior product. 

The Style

If the name Brass Knuckle Bistro didn't give it away already, we’re a little bit quirky, and like to do everything our own way.  We’ve got local street art on the walls, an eclectic soundtrack on the stereo, funky retro designs on the tablecloths, and Google stumping references on the menu, all coming together to create the kind of place we’d like to hang out at, and hope you will too. 

The Philosophy

Brass Knuckle Bistro is in many ways the culmination of years in the restaurant business asking questions: 

Why don’t we make more things ourselves? 

Why don’t we show any personality? Why do we keep reinventing the wheel? 

Why do we keep using these terrible square wheels anyway? 

Why do I have to stick to a narrow food category? 

Why can’t I play music people actually like? 

Why can't I give my food funny names? 

Why do I have to cook mediocre food? 


With Brass Knuckle Bistro, I finally get to answer some of those questions.


The "Secret" Menu

Aside from the fixed menu, we’re always tinkering in the kitchen, so expect to regularly see specials and limited offerings listed in the shop and on our social media.  All specials are on a first come first served basis, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

My Mentors

I'd like to thank Will Lawrence-Grant, for teaching me most of what I know about running a restaurant (Marty too), Mike Dressler for taking a chance on someone with little pro cooking experience and teaching me about food costing and recipe development, Phillip Francis, for showing me the value of taking pride in my work for my own sake, and most of all, Kim Anne Leveille, for giving me the freedom to truly blossom as a cook, and teaching me the classical technique to go with my creative mind.