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A Different Kind of Sandwich Shop

There's no reason a decent sandwich has to cost $12+, and Brass Knuckle Bistro intends to prove it.

Old School Meets New School

Classic technique meets modern ideas to create superlative sandwiches, salads, soups, and sides.

Opening Fall 2017

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A Little Bit About Us

The Food

My cooking style is fairly eclectic, and our menu will reflect that.  We're primarily doing sandwiches, which will be a combination of remixed classics and novel creations, with a supporting cast of salads, sides, and grab and go items, all just a little different than the standard versions.  A cheese steak is awesome, but a smoked cheese steak with house made sharp cheese whiz is even better, ditto a jerked pork sandwich with cilantro aioli, a smoked potato salad, and much more to come.

The Style

If the name Brass Knuckle Bistro didn't give it away already, I've got a bit of a quirky sense of humor, and that's fully in play with the design and vibe of the space.  We're talking local street art on the walls, oddball references in the sandwich names, a soundtrack encompassing everything from 70s funk to golden age hip hop to current R&B, and some stuff I'm not ready to reveal quite yet.  Basically, I'm trying to create the kind of place I'd like to hang out at, and I think you will too.

The Philosophy

As a guy who's spent a lot of time in the restaurant industry, there are a lot of things I love about the business, and a lot of things I don't.  In many ways, Brass Knuckle Bistro is me putting my money where my mouth is regarding some of my ideas about what's right and wrong with the industry.

Some of those ideas include transparency, community engagement, true hospitality, and a fair system of compensation and mentoring for my staff, the details of which I'll get into as soon as they're worked out.  

Finally, BKB is going to be a zero ego zone, I'm not interested in "educating the customer", I just want to give them delicious food at a fair price in a cool place, which to my mind, is the highest purpose of a restaurant.

The "Secret" Menu

My plan is to have a relatively small fixed menu with a lot of rotating specials, and some of them are going to be Twitter and Facebook exclusive.  Not only does this give people an actual reason to follow my social media (updates around lunchtime, natch), but it lets me run specials that may not be viable in quantity, but are too delicious not to serve.

My Mentors

I'd like to thank Will Lawrence-Grant, for teaching me most of what I know about running a restaurant (Marty too), Mike Dressler for taking a chance on someone with little pro cooking experience and teaching me about food costing and recipe development, Phillip Francis, for showing me the value of taking pride in my work for my own sake, and most of all, Kim Anne Leveille, for giving me the freedom to truly blossom as a cook, and teaching me the classical technique to go with my creative mind.


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Brass Knuckle Bistro

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